Aquanuity Releases AquaTwin Sewer Generation V3.5, Defining New Era of Leadership in Geocentric Sewer Modeling

Key Highlights

  • Newly launched AquaTwin Sewer 3.5 features BOD5, hydrogen sulfide and sediment transport modeling with mass conservation.
  • Simulate urban flooding (integrated 1D-2D modeling) and automatically compute and display “maximum” ponding flood depth for the simulation period.
  • Incorporate Rational and Modified Rational runoff models.
  • New RDII Wizard automatically calibrates RTK parameters to quickly match observed RDII inflow data using advanced GA optimization. Observed RDII inflows can be specified for a single or multiple monitoring locations.
  • Over 20 new user-requested enhancements and automation boost simulation performance and increase productivity for modeling experts and non-experts alike.


Aquanuity, Inc., the leader in strategy-led simulation-powered water infrastructure digital twin software, continues to expand upon its best-in-class products and platform with the release of AquaTwin Sewer Generation V3.5 for ArcGIS Pro. The new release offers a wealth of new functionality and further substantiates the company’s strategic commitment to innovation for its customers.

A comprehensive 64-bit feature-packed stormwater and wastewater collection systems modeling and analysis software extension for ArcGIS Pro and powered by the industry standard EPA SWMM5 engine (version 5.2.3), AquaTwin Sewer leads the water infrastructure digital twin world in modeling capabilities, customer impacts and geoprocessing technology excellence. It can effectively be used by both utilities and their engineering consultants in all phases of the urban sewer infrastructure asset lifecycle. All operations of a typical sanitary, storm and combined sewer system — from analysis and design to management functions such as water quality assessment, urban flooding, pollution prediction, real-time control and record keeping — are addressed in a single geocentric environment.

Plan, design, and analyze stormwater, sanitary and combined sewer systems; analyze hydraulic capacity; identify bottlenecks and mitigate overflows and blockages; size detention facilities and their appurtenances for flood control and water quality protection; map flood plains of natural channel systems; evaluate gray infrastructure stormwater control strategies, such as pipes and storm drains; design real-time controls; manage rainfall dependent inflow and infiltration (RDII); optimize BMP and LID designs; create cost-effective green/gray hybrid stormwater control solutions; evaluate resilient solutions; and meet SSO and CSO regulations. Its comprehensive scenario and alternative twin set management capabilities let users quickly create, run, evaluate, visualize, and compare an unlimited number of different pipe sizing, design and operational strategies, mitigation options, and network and pump configurations for improved decision-making.

“AquaTwin Sewer V3.5 marks another milestone in GIS-centric sewer infrastructure digital win modeling,” said Paul Boulos, Chairman and CEO of Aquanuity. “This latest release has new geoprocessing power and functionality to equip engineers to significantly speed up network modeling productivity with ease, enabling them to solve their most difficult sanitary, storm and combined sewer infrastructure challenges faster than ever. We continue to push the technology curve to make it better, faster, easier for utilities to build, operate, manage and sustain high-performing, highly efficient and resilient sewer infrastructure systems for success.”

About Aquanuity

Aquanuity is an engineering technology company focused on helping the world’s water infrastructure work better. We blend science and creativity to create cutting-edge innovations that play a critical role in advancing a sustainable future. Our innovative software fundamentally changes the way water utilities and engineering firms can use technology to create and manage safe, efficient, reliable, sustainable, resilient and smarter water infrastructure and build better communities.