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AquaTwin Water

Built exclusively on ArcGIS Pro®, AquaTwin Water is the next-generation AI-powered geocentric digital twin software for safe, reliable, sustainable and resilient water infrastructure. Design and size new water infrastructure, retrofit existing aging infrastructure, provide adequate capacity to fight fires, forecast demands, optimize operations of tanks and pumps, reduce energy usage, investigate water quality problems, plan flushing operations, and prepare for emergencies. And armed with advanced simulation capabilities, you can model contamination threats and evaluate resilience to security threats, climate change or natural disasters.

A comprehensive 64-bit feature-packed modeling and analysis software extension for ArcGIS Pro®, AquaTwin Water lets utilities predict how their water systems will perform during disruptive incidents and determine how to best absorb, recover from, and more successfully adapt to such incidents and increase resilience. Its powerful simulation and analysis tools can help water utilities to explore the capacity of their systems to handle disruptive incidents and guide the planning necessary to make them more resilient over time. Users are now able to proactively solve or prevent problems, make confident decisions, execute quickly on a consistent basis, and plan and shape a better future for their communities.

Future-Proof Your Water Infrastructure

Key Features and Functionality

  • 64 bit ArcGIS Pro extension application.
  • Work directly inside your existing Cloud and enterprise environment such as ArcGIS Online/Portal and share work and content across your organization.
  • No Importing/Exporting of GIS: GIS-centric software. Connect directly to your Enterprise GIS (or Local, if preferred).
  • Ability to dynamically link to dashboards such as ArcGIS Insights, including displaying and analyzing of multiple scenarios.
  • All ArcGIS Pro Symbology and Mapping available (including 3D “Scenes”).
  • Full support of ArcGIS Pro Pipeline Referencing and Utility Network.
  • Compatible with ArcGIS Pro 3.0.
  • Create digital twin directly from an EPANET file.
  • Create digital twin directly from GIS.
  • Perform very fast and accurate hydraulic and dynamic water quality simulations, including multi-source tracing.
  • Determine impact of asset failure on your network hydraulic and water quality performance.
  • Determine how your water infrastructure system operates under normal or abnormal conditions; assess its capacity to handle disruptive incidents and develop the planning necessary to make it more resilient over time.
  • Plan for and practice responding to emergencies
  • Reduce risk
  • Use AI for demand forecasting, anomaly detection, and time-series pattern prediction.
  • Compute available fire flows at hydrants while maintaining required residual pressures to identify where fire protection is inadequate.
  • Create, edit and manage an unlimited number of scenarios using built-in parent-child relationship.
  • Generate new scenarios, switch between existing scenarios, run multiple scenarios, and compare results from different scenarios.
  • Build, view and edit an unlimited number of scenario alternatives with intuitive single-click alternative sets manager.
  • Instantly create, review and analyze new facilities scenarios directly from ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Portal or ArcSDE.
  • Develop phased, multi-year roadmap (CIP) for creating, maintaining and funding present and future infrastructure needs.
  • Compare results of a simulation against measured field data (e.g., pressure, fluoride, chlorine, flow, tank level, etc.)
  • Use statistics report (error statistics, correlation plot, mean comparisons) to show how well simulated results match actual field measurements.
  • Display, review and analyze results using dynamic analytic tools including vivid dashboards, heat maps, 2D and 3D mapping, contours, graphs, profiles, tables, and reports.

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