Message from the CEO

Dear Water Professionals:

Drinking water and wastewater utilities have the extraordinary and critical task of providing public health and economic sustainability for their local communities. And the price tag to do so is equally extraordinary. The need to invest in aging and deteriorating infrastructure through rehabilitation, repair and replacement and new technologies has never been greater. Investment is also needed to prepare for extreme weather events like hurricanes, droughts and firestorms, and increase water infrastructure resiliency and security. To make the job even more challenging, we must do this while meeting a formidable array of regulatory, budgetary and consumer demands. Utilities must address these needs to uphold their public service duty, all the while keeping in mind their customers’ ability to afford these essential services. Aquanuity was founded to help them solve these challenges.

Digital transformation is now a business continuity essential, and water/wastewater utilities are accelerating their transformation plans. Digital twins are among the most powerful digital transformation innovations for optimizing water infrastructure operations and management. They improve business processes, reduce risk, increase operational efficiency and effectiveness, and enhance decision-making using automation and simulation to predict outcomes. Their powers range from predictive maintenance and lifetime estimation to choosing the best infrastructure upgrade investments. And when combined with the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence tools, digital twins are constantly learning new skills and capabilities, which means they can continue to generate the actionable insights needed to make the best use of limited capital and operating budgets and drive sustainable water infrastructure performance.

At Aquanuity, we have taken the lead in bringing you the modern geocentric tools to drive innovation and performance. Imagine having the most talented engineers, operators and planners with the most advanced visualization, monitoring, analysis, and forecasting capabilities at the touch of a button.

Uniquely designed with Esri’s ArcGIS Pro© as its foundation, our AquaTwin lets you leverage your GIS investment to create powerful digital twin simulations of your operating water and wastewater infrastructure that you can use to understand and accurately predict the results of various strategies before they are implemented, overcome challenges, and keep your water infrastructure operating well into the future at the lowest lifecycle cost. And it is built to be used by anyone, regardless of role or location, arming you with the tools and information you need to make better planning, design, operational and maintenance decisions, communicate and collaborate more effectively, and solve problems more efficiently for your most precious asset – the communities you serve.

At Aquanuity, we’re proud to offer you the one essential technology you need to ensure business continuity resilience and keep your communities safe. And is both affordable and easy to use, so you can begin reaping its rewards immediately and operate your wet infrastructure as a best-in-class leader.

With a collaborative approach to innovation, working closely with customers, partners and industry experts, we can tackle some of the most pressing and challenging issues facing the water sector. You can also be assured that we’ll continue to refine and enhance AquaTwin to outpace your evolving needs and challenges and help you turn innovation into concrete results — tomorrow, and far into the future. We’ll never stop innovating; it’s in our DNA, it’s how we move the industry and society forward, and ensure a better life for people everywhere while having a positive impact on the planet.

With my best wishes,

Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEE, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.D.NE, Dist.M.ASCE, NAC, NAE
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Aquanuity, Inc.