About Aquanuity

Get to know us

Aquanuity is an engineering technology company focused on helping the world’s water infrastructure work better. We blend science and creativity to create cutting-edge innovations that play a critical role in advancing a sustainable future. Our innovative software fundamentally changes the way water utilities and engineering firms can use technology to create and manage safe, efficient, sustainable, resilient and smarter water infrastructure and build better communities.

Who we are

We are a leader in data-driven, GIS-based and simulation-powered wet infrastructure digital twin software.

What we stand for

We stand for great wet infrastructure engineering innovation and impeccable customer care.

What we do

We build innovative solutions to empower water and wastewater utilities, regardless of size or location, to optimize their wet infrastructures to ensure long-term sustainability and resiliency, and to keep the communities they serve strong, safe, healthy, and sustainable.

What drives us

We believe innovation is the spark of progress. It enables our customers to rethink their wet infrastructure challenges and work to solve them in a better way, and help people around the world live richer, healthier, and more satisfying lives.