Aquanuity Releases AquaTwin Asset Pro Powered by EPA SWMM 5.2.2

Key Highlights

  • Newly launched AquaTwin Asset Pro adds cutting-edge hydraulic, hydrologic and water quality simulation capabilities, fully integrating sewer infrastructure capacity analysis results into risk/criticality assessment.
  • Next generation of AquaTwin Asset significantly enhances and expands risk management of sewer systems with the latest EPA SWMM5 simulation capabilities, vital for accurately identifying capacity/overflow/flood risk areas and at-risk pipelines, for prioritizing flood prevention and mitigation efforts, and for consistently developing optimized R&R improvement solutions.
  • Delivers an integrated approach to managing water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure assets.
  • Provides automatic import and export functionality for SWMM5 and EPANET projects.


Aquanuity, Inc., the leader in strategy-led simulation-powered water infrastructure digital twin software, today introduced AquaTwin Asset Pro for ArcGIS Pro 3.0. This next generation of AquaTwin Asset fully integrates a supercharged EPA SWMM5.2.2 64-bit simulation engine, providing advanced hydraulic, hydrologic and water quality analysis capabilities for comprehensive risk management of combined, sanitary and storm sewers.

Urban drainage and sewer systems are facing increasing pressures due to an aging, deteriorating infrastructure further impacted by climate change, and rapid urbanization rates. Common risks in these types of environments include structural failures, service disruptions, flooding and associated environmental and public safety risks, and local area damage. AquaTwin Asset Pro was specifically designed to help utilities plan system improvements to strengthen and optimize their infrastructures at the lowest possible costs and highest efficiency.

Built exclusively on Esri ArcGIS Pro® 3.0, AquaTwin Asset Pro is fundamentally changing the way water and wastewater utilities and engineering firms use technology to plan, design and build safe, efficient, reliable, sustainable, resilient and smarter water infrastructure. A comprehensive 64-bit feature-packed water infrastructure capital planning and asset management software, AquaTwin Asset Pro lets utilities automate inspection work, measure asset performance, evaluate capacity shortfalls under population growth and climate variability, pinpoint assets at highest risk considering both likelihood and consequence of failure, identify root causes and patterns, and prioritize repair and replacement activities. It also enables them to prolong operational lifespan and value of aging assets, predict future asset performance, optimize capital budget planning, and secure business continuity resilience. The software’s groundbreaking AquaTwin DCI (Digital Condition Inspection) extension, lets utilities for the first time leverage existing CCTV videos to automatically create detailed 3D models of their sewer pipes accurately depicting the location and severity of all defects along with critical information such as type and size (length, area and depth) of defect so they can proactively prioritize urgent repairs. The extension also automatically codes, grades and scores defects based on NASSCO 7 standards. Public works agencies are now able to achieve and maintain their desired levels of service at the lowest life cycle costs with acceptable levels of risk through sustainable infrastructure strategies and investments, making it possible to achieve operational efficiencies and provide better service to their communities.

AquaTwin Asset Pro is a breakthrough for the water and wastewater industry because it offers the most powerful AI-powered, simulation-driven risk-based capital planning and asset management solution for ArcGIS Pro,” said Paul Boulos, Chairman and CEO of Aquanuity. “The new AquaTwin Asset Pro’s novel features and comprehensive EPA SWMM5 capabilities are a direct result of our ongoing effort to respond to customer needs with consistent state-of-the-art development and innovation and end-to-end geoengineering solutions. This new release provides the advanced simulation and analysis capabilities that engineers and public work professionals need to strengthen and optimize their water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructures and keep them operating safely and efficiently well into the future. it also sustains our company’s enviable reputation for continuous product innovation and evolution and a steadfast commitment to meeting the ever-changing needs of our industry. These are important qualities our customers rely on to help them best manage their infrastructure assets and win the race to sustainability.”

About Aquanuity

Aquanuity is an engineering technology company focused on helping the world’s water infrastructure work better. We blend science and creativity to create cutting-edge innovations that play a critical role in advancing a sustainable future. Our innovative software fundamentally changes the way water utilities and engineering firms can use technology to create and manage safe, efficient, reliable, sustainable, resilient and smarter water infrastructure and build better communities.