Akel Engineering Group Boosts its Water Infrastructure Asset Management Capabilities with AquaTwin Asset

Aquanuity, Inc., the leader in strategy-led simulation-powered water infrastructure digital twin software, today announced that Akel Engineering Group, Inc., one of California’s top water resources engineering firm, has acquired AquaTwin Asset. The software will support Akel Engineering Group’s asset management professionals in leading the digital transformation for municipal clients seeking greater efficiency, sustainability, resiliency, and bottom-line performance while optimizing their asset lifecycle and realizing the future they envision.

AquaTwin Asset is fundamentally changing the way water and wastewater utilities and engineering firms use technology to plan, design and build safe, efficient, reliable, sustainable, resilient and smarter water infrastructure. This groundbreaking asset management software provides a full and seamless integration of powerful digital technologies including industry-leading ArcGIS Pro® (e.g., asset visualization, management and maintenance); AI/ML (e.g., leak/defect detection and localization, virtual condition assessment, root cause analysis, demand forecasting); criticality analysis; network simulation (e.g., fire flow and water quality calculation); predictive analytics (e.g., asset failure prediction); and remote sensing (e.g., SCADA and sensors data). This unique combination of unmatched capabilities and decision intelligence ushers in a new era of water infrastructure management, accelerating digital transformation of traditional wet infrastructure management into intelligent simulation-driven management.

Said Tony A. Akel, P.E., D.WRE, President of Akel Engineering Group, Inc., “With AquaTwin Asset, Aquanuity is revolutionizing the water infrastructure asset planning and management industry, leapfrogging existing technologies. We can now do so much more, better, faster, and unlock more value from water infrastructure assets. Aquanuity is the new industry home for breakthrough innovation and excitement.”

Built exclusively on ArcGIS Pro®, AquaTwin Asset lets utilities automate inspection work, measure asset performance, evaluate infrastructure capacity shortfalls under population growth and climate variability, pinpoint assets at highest risk considering both likelihood and consequence of failure, identify root causes and patterns, and prioritize repair and replacement activities. It also enables them to prolong operational lifespan and value of aging assets, predict future asset performance, optimize capital planning, and secure business continuity resilience. Users are able to maximize their assets’ life cycles through sustainable infrastructure strategies and investments, making it possible to achieve the operational efficiencies and the future they envision while bettering their communities.

“Akel Engineering Group is renowned for providing high quality consulting services in water infrastructure modeling and master planning and is continually striving to bring industry leading products and expertise to each project,” said Paul F. Boulos, chairman and CEO of Aquanuity. “Armed with AquaTwin Asset, the firm innovative engineers can better assist their municipal clients in aligning capital plans, programs, and projects with optimized strategies and business objectives, make more efficient use of capital improvement or maintenance funds, and prepare their water infrastructures to be resilient, safe, and affordable for the generations to come. We are proud that this progressive and innovative company has chosen our technology to further its asset management capabilities and continue helping its clients do the right work at the right time, and for the right cost.”

About Aquanuity

Aquanuity is an engineering technology company focused on helping the world’s water infrastructure work better. We blend science and creativity to create cutting-edge innovations that play a critical role in advancing a sustainable future. Our innovative software fundamentally changes the way water utilities and engineering firms can use technology to create and manage safe, efficient, reliable, sustainable, resilient and smarter water infrastructure and build better communities.