New AquaTwin 3.1 Release Amplifies Water Infrastructure Digital Twin Performance and Engineering Success Across The Entire Portfolio

Aquanuity, Inc., the leader in strategy-led simulation-powered water infrastructure digital twin software, today introduced AquaTwin R3.1for ArcGIS Pro (Esri, Redlands, CA). The revolutionary new release enables utilities and engineering firms to accelerate past complexity and GIS-modeling integration challenges to create the next generation of industry-changing water infrastructure digital twins and magnify their success through greater precision, performance improvements, streamlined workflows, geoprocessing technology excellence, and innovative modeling capabilities.

Highlights of the release include:


  • Ability to plot multiple assets on the same graph and switch between different assets without having to close the graph, and to make global changes to asset model attributes.

AquaTwin Water

  • Twin Tables now offer comprehensive field statistics, including maximum, minimum, and mean values.
  • Ability to streamline model runs by activating pipes through saved queries, greatly simplifying workflow and saving time.
  • New simulation progress bar for both fire flow and criticality analyses.

AquaTwin Asset Pro

  • Now supports MACP inspections.
  • Ability to create and compare multiple risk scenarios, to adjust scoring and risk models for different pipe classifications and to simulate and analyze various “what-if” alternatives.
  • Ability to create, analyze and compare multiple R&R scenarios.
  • Ability to add multiple MACP and PACP inspections including multiple CCTV surveys per pipe.

AquaTwin Sewer

  • Updated to latest version of SWMM5 5.2.3.
  • Enhanced profile viewer: display HGLs from multiple scenarios; annotate q/Q, d/D or pipe ID as well as depth and junction ID for junctions; and fill in underground soil for better reference.
  • Computes worst case scenario for each simulation.
  • Expanded summary outputs, including maximum and remaining capacity, slope, and maximum flooding.
  • New “calculate invert” tool automatically computes missing inverts from junctions.

AquaTwin DCI

  • New high-precision image processing and pattern recognition algorithms provide improved defect identification and twice as fast CCTV scanning speed.


AquaTwin R3.1 continues our strategy of raising the bar and setting new standards in GIS-centric water infrastructure digital twin innovation,” said Paul F. Boulos, Chairman and CEO of Aquanuity. “It represents the most significant leap forward in ArcGIS Pro-centric water infrastructure digital twin modeling. This unrivalled software portfolio creates a compelling advantage for water, wastewater and stormwater utilities and their engineering consultants, making it easier for them to design, operate, manage, and sustain high-performing, highly efficient and resilient infrastructure systems, and meet the needs of their communities. We carefully listen to our customers’ wants and needs, and quickly deliver innovative, industry-changing solutions for optimal results.”

About Aquanuity

Aquanuity is an engineering technology company focused on helping the world’s water infrastructure work better. We blend science and creativity to create cutting-edge innovations that play a critical role in advancing a sustainable future. Our innovative software fundamentally changes the way water utilities and engineering firms can use technology to create and manage safe, efficient, reliable, sustainable, resilient and smarter water infrastructure and build better communities.