AquaTwin DDM

Make it substantially easier, better, faster, safer, cheaper and with deeper levels of insight to more accurately inspect and assess sewers with AquaTwin DCI ⟶

Elevate sewer inspection and condition assessment

Instantly turn your pipe inspection images and videos into detailed 3D models of defect characteristics, quantify severity, grade and score based on NASSCO PACP standards. No past images. No manual review. Applicable to any pipe material.

Providing the future of sustainable and resilient wet infrastructure today

Pioneering AquaTwin Asset,
next-generation strategy-led wet infrastructure capital planning and asset management software

Innovate and optimize water and wastewater infrastructure performance with AquaTwin Asset ⟶
Do more, better, smarter, faster … for less, and unlock more value from your water infrastructure with AquaTwin Water ⟶

Trade Up to Power

Pioneering ArcGIS Pro-centric AquaTwin Water, next-generation AI-powered digital twin software for safe, reliable, sustainable and resilient water infrastructure.

Transform your business with intelligent asset management

Automate Field Investigation

Build defect datasets from archived CCTV videos and use built-in Machine Learning to inspect more pipes, faster, better and cheaper and automate ongoing inspection projects.

Assess Simulation-Based Risk Levels

Use built-in analytics to determine and score the likelihood of failure, consequence of failure including hydraulic performance impact, and business risk exposure of each asset and better manage and prioritize repair.

Isolate Individual Risk Factors

Leverage cutting edge built-in algorithms to trace the root causes of (factors having the highest impact on) asset deterioration/failure and take corrective actions while driving long-term performance improvements.

Simulate and Analyze Resilience

Determine how to best absorb, recover from, and more successfully adapt to disruptive incidents and build infrastructure resilience.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Perform economic life cycle cost analysis to determine the optimal replacement date for your assets and reduce total cost of ownership.

Develop Optimized CIP

Create optimal and prioritized R&R plans that will improve asset performance and work within your existing CIP budgets. 

Next-generation AI-powered urban drainage and sewer systems modeling and simulation digital twin software for ArcGIS Pro. Do more, better, smarter, faster … for less, and unlock more value from your stormwater, sanitary sewer, and combined sewer networks with AquaTwin Sewer.

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