Aquanuity Releases Revolutionary AquaTwin DDM Powered by ArcGIS Pro; Elevates Sewer Inspection and Condition Assessment

Aquanuity, Inc., the leader in strategy-led simulation-powered water infrastructure digital twin software, today announced the worldwide release of its industry-leading ArcGIS Pro-centric AquaTwin DDM (Digital Defect Modeling) for automated sewer inspection and condition assessment. Now for the first time, you can instantly turn your pipe inspection images and videos into detailed 3D models of defect characteristics (e.g., cracks, joint offsets, debris, roots, corrosion, deflections, deposits, obstacles, infiltrations), automatically quantify severity (estimate length, area and depth), grade and score based on NASSCO PACP standards. No training data needed. No manual review. Applicable to any pipe material. The new product further substantiates Aquanuity’s steadfast commitment to value-driven innovation for its customers.

Powered by cutting-edge automata theory, AquaTwin DDM lets utilities leverage existing CCTV videos to create detailed 3D models of their sewer pipes showing the location and severity of all defects along with critical information such as defect length, area and depth so they can proactively plan repair. Users can now accurately detect and classify faults in wastewater and stormwater sewer networks to properly evaluate their physical and functional condition and optimize and prioritize rehabilitation and replacement decisions. What’s more? Extremely easy to use self-service tool, users can get up and running quickly and start making better, more informed and timely decisions that will lead to financial, operational and business success and more reliable performance at maximum cost savings.

AquaTwin DDM brings breakthrough technology with highly intuitive features that add exceptional visual dimensions to the sewer pipelines inspection process, saving significant time and money,” said Tony Akel, P.E., D.WRE, President of Akel Engineering Group, Inc., CA. “Integrating AquaTwin DDM with AquaTwin Asset makes this software the most powerful tool currently available in the condition assessment software world. Thank you Aquanuity for adding another amazing product to our wastewater industry.”

Unlike Artificial Intelligence (AI) based software that employ tools such as machine learning algorithms requiring thousands of forensic images training data sets to recognize instances of defects in images, AquaTwin DDM uses cutting-edge automata theory to automatically locate and estimate defects (length, area and depth) faster, more accurately and with deeper levels of insight. AI-based inspections are also prone to hidden biases derived from the data provided to train the system. Similarly, it is undefined how much training is good enough as more training may lead to more false positives and worse results. In addition, AI-based tools are unable to compute the outlines of structural defects such as crack areas, lengths and depths – information essential to evaluate and monitor defect severity and deterioration over time.

AquaTwin DDM raises the bar and sets new standards for wastewater and stormwater sewer inspection and condition assessment,” said Paul Boulos, Aquanuity Chairman and CEO. “A major leap forward in this mission-critical field, this new software enables users to automatically find, quantify and prioritize defects and monitor deterioration over time to determine where intervention is needed the most. It lets them recognize problems sooner and evaluate inspection data faster, more accurately and prevent sewer main breaks, overflows, sinkholes, property damages and other emergencies and keep their sewer infrastructure operating efficiently well into the future. We are thrilled to introduce this new revolutionary digital solution to help utilities transform into smarter, more efficient, more proactive and more resilient entities, and better meet the needs of their customer base.”

About Aquanuity

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